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We provide people the highest-quality stock market and company financial data available.

Complete Stock Market Data Library

Emprovise is a leading provider of stock market data. We include all the features, reports, and companies you will need to become an informed investor. Information is the key to sound investing, so invest in information with us. You will have access to full company financial reports from 2008+. You will also have access to high-frequency ticker data dating back more than 1 year. Get started and see what we have to offer you.

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Collecting detailed information on companies has never been easier. With our product, you can learn everything about a companies health.

Example of our historic ticker data

"2018-12-21 10:40:50": {..},
"2018-12-21 10:41:26": {
    "ticker": {
        "symbol": "AAPL",
        "tradePrice": 156.52,
        "daysVolume": "20,934,461",
        "daysTrades": "54,167",
        "date": "2018-12-21",
        "time": "10:41:26",
        "high": 158.16,
        "low": 155.53,
        "lastExchange": "Pacific",
        "annualDividend": 2.92,
        "bid": {
            "price": 156.49,
            "volume": 100,
            "dayLow": 96.06,
            "dayHigh": 158.13,
            "exchange": "N"
        "ask": {
            "price": 156.52,
            "volume": 500,
            "dayLow": 155.25,
            "dayHigh": 205.2,
            "exchange": "N"
        "change": {
            "changeClose": -0.31,
            "changeClose(%)": -0.2,
            "previousClose": 156.83,
            "previousDaysVolume": 64750291,
            "open": 156.86
        "performance": {
            "52WeekHigh": 233.47,
            "52WeekLow": 150.24,
            "eps": 11.91,
            "estimatedEarnings": 13.285,
            "exDivDate": "2018-08-11",
            "10DayVolume": 43009365
"2018-12-21 10:42:05": {..},
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We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

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We use optimized technologies to bring you information at lightning-speed. You can enjoy our product knowing you are looking at the latest information.

Company Financial Reports

We compile all quarterly and annual filings directly from the SEC. You can easily find any value you are looking for. All reports are easily exportable.

Realtime Stock Market Data API

All of the data available through the web application is also available through our API. All you will need is an active account to access hundreds of millions of records.

700+ companies

We collect highly-detailed information on over 700 companies across all sectors of the stock market. And if you have a company you'd like to request, we'll be happy to add it to our list.

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We are here to help you become an informed investor, contact our technical support team anytime for help: postmaster@mail.emprovise.com